Build the tactics that will guarantee the cashflow of your small business.

Elements is a simple tool for SME leadership teams focused on building, validating and improving the tactics that make amazing and enjoyable small businesses.

Whether your goal is to grow, create longevity, or be more resiliant to changes in the market, Elements helps your team stay aligned, focused and on track to get where you need to be faster.

Build your tactics. Test their effectiveness. Guarantee your cash in the bank.

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Set targets, make a plan, then track your progress

Basically a cashflow fitness tracker

Elements takes the fundamental habits and techniques of the top 20% of small businesses (famously the ones that don't fail) and packages them so any team can get them in place to stablise and grow their operations immediately. No hand-holding, long winded education or expensive migrations required.

So we keep using the term 'Tactics'. Find out exactly what we mean (and why its important to know) by checking out this post.

Set and track targets against your businesses day to day transaction data

Elements begins by importing transaction data from your platform of choice and processing it into a form thats both easy to understand and highly actionable.

Based on this data, Elements helps businesses establish and structure highly Specific, automatically Measurable, extremely Achievable, and naturally Relavent and Time bound goals that will provide direction for the entire teams daily decision making.

Set and track targets against your businesses day to day transaction data

Break down the key traits of your good vs bad customers

Once Elements has a grasp of where you are and where you're going it then turns its effort to understanding your customers.

By automatically importing and enriching data about your customers Elements can build and present a powerful picture of who you should be putting your efforts into targeting and nurturing (and perhaps, those customers that cost more than they're worth!), all updated in real time as your business grows!

Break down the key traits of your good vs bad customers

Track key team metrics contributing to your businesses success

Now that we know who you should be targeting with your efforts, Elements supports your team in setting and measuring Activities that your team has decided to do to improve the business.

With hard numbers backing up your teams actions you'll be able to start to correlate the actions you're team is performing back to the value they create, and over time Elements will be able to use this information to predict your future success.

Track key team metrics contributing to your businesses success

Receive insights based on all of this data

Finally Elements takes all of this data that its diligently watching and collecting around the clock, and uses it to identify trends, problems and insights which are then highlighted live in your team's conversation platform.

For many business this means all of the above is set and forget. You'll be alerted when things happen that require attention, otherwise just keep doing great work for your customers!

Receive insights based on all of this data

Deeply integrated with tools you trust today



Priced to make you money

See how it all works with our 7 day free trial and enjoy no-nonsense pricing that is a rounding error compared to the amount you grow after that.



For small teams focused on no-nonsense business growth.

  • Develop the Tactics that grow your business

  • Track your performance vs hard numbers

  • 12 months of automated data Insights & Analysis



For growing businesses who want to create a more seamless experience.

  • Team-chat (Slack / Teams / Discord etc) Integration

  • CRM Integration

  • 4 Years of automated data Insights & Analysis



For larger, older businesses with more complex security needs.

  • Multi-team Breakdown

  • Enterprise Security (SAML etc)

  • 10 Years of automated data Insights & Analysis

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