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The Advisor Platform for Xero Advisors

The entire Elements experience is driven live by the transactions that are happening in your clients business. If you have Xero clients Elements is ready to work with today!

Xero is small business accounting software designed to be 'beautifully simple'. It has all of your go-to small business accounting features such as Invoicing, Payroll, Inventory, BankConnections & Reconciliation, Expense Tracking, Reporting and more. Xero was one of the early true cloud-accounting packages and was founded in 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand by Tech Entreprenuer Rod Drury. Since its creation it has grown to offer products in 180 different countries. It is particularly prevalent in the AU/NZ markets, but has a growing profile against some of the incumbent Accounting Software providers in other markets around the world. Xero has a rich community of Accountants and Bookkeepers and a history or supporting this community through various Education inititives as well as ongoing market data. It also sports a solid marketplace of integrations (of which Elements is one) that are targetted at solving problems in a multitude of different business niches.

How To

1. Sign up to an Elements Practice Account. 2. Create a new Client business using the "with Xero" button on the Dashboard. 3. Sign in with your Xero credentials. 4. Choose your customer file that you want to link with Elements. 5. Give Xero permission for Elements to access that customer data. 6. Confirm / Tweak your customer setup in Elements. 7. You're done!