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Growth-- Your First Element

Elements brings together workflows...

Core Concepts

How it Works

Elements looks at the major “vital signs” of a business. The more significant part of for that purpose is “Growth”

Review the history of the business looking at these vital signs.

Growth has four graphs:

  • Income
  • Active Clients
  • Average Sales Value
  • Average Number of Sales

Elements enables the user to look at different ranges in two ways

  • Date Range
  • Selected Periods

Growth Date Range

Click on the Date Range Selector and pick Start and End periods.

Selected Periods

Period Selection

Click on the desired Periods that you wish to compare. Click on “Filter to Selected”.

Note: This is good for comparing seasons or for holidays that do not occur at the same time each year i.e. Easter.

Start with explaining any significant peaks or troughs in these graphs.

As an example, one client, when observing this information, commented:

Number of sales were up but the average sales value was down.
I had a great salesperson who maintained incredible relationships. The average number of sales were up. Unfortunately the salesperson sold on price rather than value. The average sales value plummeted.