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Where to Begin

If you're new to Elements a great way to get your head around what it is and what you should be looking at is to check out the getting started article. Once you've done that, try clicking through the guide pages for each of the elements on the platform.

Once You're Going

As part of the package we also include a series of activities to help you get the most out of Elements with your clients right away. We'd suggest making sure each member of your team has had a read of this material so they're ready to provide the maximum possible value.

  • Growth Activities
  • Focus Activities

Advanced Topics

If you've been using Elements for a while and are ready to get really tricky, check out some of the advanced topics.

  • Custom Notifications
  • Agents and Scoping

While you're at it, its also worth checking out the books listed in "further reading" under each of the Activities pages. These books explore the concepts that each of the Elements use in greater detail and can help you get expert-level knowledge in each.

Contacting Support

If at any time you have questions or feedback feel free to contact us directly at We're always looking for more information about bugs you run into or feature requests you may have so don't be shy-- get in contact as frequently as you like!