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Elements is for Bookkeepers

A glimpse into your Clients immediate future.

Elements keeps you connected

As a bookkeeper juggling a stack of small business clients with a lot of moving numbers is a lot like balancing a bunch of spinning plates-- it can be difficult to be truly responsive to the subtle movements and underlying trends that are under the surface that could cascade into significant problems later on.

Lets face it, we've all been in a situation where if the numbers had been more obvious just a little bit earlier we could have reached out ahead of the fact to avert catastrophe before it happens.

Maximum awareness, minimum effort

Bookkeepers love Elements' ability to keep them directly connected to changes in the clients numbers, notifying when key or interesting events happen in an expressive way that is not only simple for their customers to action, but simple for Bookkeepers to communicate! Gone are the days when the only numbers you could talk about were in the past and locked in stone, and where reaching out to a client meant becoming the bearer of bad news. Elements keeps your practice focused on the now and the future, and each conversation with your client becomes a positive experience and an opportunity for growth and evolution!

Customisable Reporting Cycles

Elements analyses On line sales as they happen in terms of "Active Clients", "Average Sale Value" and "Number of Transactions". Pull up "Growth" and see the trends happen in real time. Analyse by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, even Year. Now your client can respond immediately to up or down trends.

Practice Friendly Advisorship Workflows

Proven Strategy Marketplace

Real-time Customer Segmentation

With Elements, you can Focus on your A,B,C and D clients in real time. Your clients will be able to react immediately to A and B clients. Elements determines the traits that the SME should be Focused on when acquiring more clients. Your clients know the Life Time Value, where they are found and so much more of their best clients. And if that is not enough, they can set up their own traits to look for. No more wasted effort on "tyre kickers" and disloyal customers.

Smart Targetting for Rapid Cash Growth

Smart Targets for Fast Cash Growth. Set targets for business sales that you have never seen before.

Configurable Notifications of Client Events

Sales Reporting Instantly see how your business is performing with notifications to Phone, Watch and Email

Whenever I go to seminars conferences, the talking heads have been saying for a couple of years that we need to transition to advisors. What no one has ever said is how on earth they expect us to do it!? I believe Elements is that answer.

-- Stephen Blacktop, Business Learning Center