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Meet Susan, a Business Advisor using Elements.

Here we take an in-depth look at an average day in Susan's business life so you can get a better idea how Elements can be used to get the most for your small business clients while simplifying your workflow and creating peace of mind for you and your team.

Have a read and learn how you can Build Better Businesses (including your own!) just like Susan.

Elements Advisors give the best advice!
  1. Wake up and get a glance of how all the businesses are doing over coffee.
  2. Have a couple of education sessions in the morning where they run through standard activities.
  3. When they get out of those sessions they've received a notification saying that a customer has achieved a target and they message their VA to send a bottle of wine and a message.
  4. Lunch with a new customer, where they plug in their stats and immediately see some opportunities.
  5. Finish early safe in the knowledge that Elements will alert if something interesting happens.