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What is anyway?

27 May, 2020 by David Seamans is a tool to help businesses grow sales exponentially. It makes use of cutting edge technology.

There is nothing new in business fundamentals.

You do not make sales; you do not survive.
Everything depends on that basic fact.

There is lots of window dressing commentary but try to have a successful business WITHOUT sales and see what happens.

In marketing the buzz word is "online" and there are lots of apps providing feedback for internet businesses.

However if there is one thing the current circumstances have shown us is that a human being is a social animal. People like contact. Computer mouses have not completely replaced shops - yet!

SMEs have to remember that there is "offline" marketing - anything not online.

That is where comes in. imports sales data from:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • and, in the future, other cloud Accounting systems, POS and bank feeds. relies on the existence of a central point of sales data which includes:

  • Reference #
  • Transaction Date
  • Client Name
  • Transaction type
  • Sale Value

Import your sales from as far back as exists in your data file. You derive meaningful trends from reviewing past data so more data the better.

Learn how the app works. Growth Growth looks at the major “vital signs” of a business. The more significant part of Elements for that purpose is “Growth”

Review the history of the business looking at these vital signs.

Growth has four graphs:

  • Income
  • Active Clients
  • Average Sales Value
  • Average Number of Sales

Income = Active Clients x Average Sales Value x Number of Transactions highlights any significant peaks or troughs in these graphs. These movements align with occurrences in the business.

As an example, one user upon observing this information, commented: Feature - Multi User Background showed that the number of sales were up but the average sales value was down.

I had a great salesperson who maintained incredible relationships. The average number of sales were well up. The salesperson won company awards.

Unfortunately he sold on price rather than value. The average sales value plummeted. Growth graph shows that it does not really matter where you start with improving your business - anywhere will give you a result immediately.

With the, you start getting clues as to who your best, your good and your "very average" clients are through the Focus clouds. The traits of these goods show up easily enabling you to "play to your strengths"

With the business owner gets Notifications daily, weekly and monthly on their mobile phone, their tablet or their notebook more than just total sales revenue but what "handle" has moved and if the nature of buyers have changed. The business owner does not have to analyse reports; they get the information reliably and in real time.

The information is timely and accurate appearing as a text on yuor phone or mobile device.

What is your story? is a tool for growth.

David Seamans

Co-Founder at Elements, Retired CPA and Company Coach with 35 years of experience building better businesses.