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Imagine going to your doctor and you are ill.

Something is wrong. You are not sure what but you do not feel good anymore.

What would it mean if your doctor could not measure quickly and precisely your vital body signs? He would only be guessing on what to do.

This could be life threatening.

But he puts that sleeve around your bicep and takes your blood pressure. Blood pressure has two components: systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.

And it gives an immediate and exact sign of what is happening RIGHT NOW.

Yes, something is wrong and that machine gives some good insights into what is the problem. It gets a handle on simple, intrinsic indicators of the body’s health.

Now your doctor knows what to do; where to look and what to check.

That is the sphygmomanometer - the blood pressure meter.

The business owner goes to the accountant, the bookkeeper or the business coach. Their business is not doing well. Most the time, all the "doctors" could respond with was "you have to get more customers".

Not very effective and not very strategic.

Elements is the sphygmomanometer for business. It is a quick measurement of what is happening in your business.

Like the sphygmomanometer, it measures components that they can get a "handle" on. These are the three critical handles that impact on the health of the business.

Elements provides a synopsis of what is happening in the business in the past and right now.

If your blood pressure is trending up, the doctor prescribes a strategy to get it under control. The sphygmomanometer gives a quick, accurate indication of the success of that strategy. image Elements does the same.

Elements can tell you that your (say): average sales value has moved by 10%, clients are coming back to you 15% number of active clients has dropped by 5%.

Elements keeps you "in the loop" daily, weekly, monthly.

Strategies are selected for the long term survival and growth. "Handles" of Elements are then manipulated.

The business grows and strengthens in the fastest, best possible way.

David Seamans

Co-Founder at Elements, Retired CPA and Company Coach with 35 years of experience building better businesses.

Posted 16 Mar, 2020